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The athletes were “very happy” with their results. Photos: SUPPLIED

Ribbon day success

Thames Amateur Athletics Club competed at the Bellevue Ribbon Day at Tauranga Domain on February 18.
Co-ordinator Paige Aitcheson told The Profile the event was the first ribbon day the club had competed in this year and the kids were “very happy” with their results.

“We had little Caitlin Kenny… she absolutely smashed it… she won her 100m which is not so common for her to do but she really stood out,” she said.
“Ryder Moore won two of his races where he usually likes to hang back… and Sienna [Moore] did her longest discus throw yet and her fastest 100m sprint.

Ryder Moore beams at the start line.
Twelve-year-old Sienna Moore takes her marks for her sprint.

“We also had Olivia Kenny, she competed and placed second in the high jump which was really good for her.”

Olivia Kenny prepares to set off.

Paige said the competitors at ribbon days were guaranteed ribbons. “They run races according to what ribbons they have previously won so everyone gets a chance to really shine which is cool and we’ve got kids from two-years-old and our oldest is 12,” she said.

Eight-year-old Ava Perez motors during her race.

“The older kids from seven plus do the high jump, long jump, all the races, shot put and discus, and the little kids just do running races and relays.”