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Students show pride with their Māori and Tongan flags. Photos: TALLIS AUSTEN

Splash of Colour

Staff and Students of Paeroa College made the most of the perfect weather on February 10 during their annual swimming sports competition. School spirit was on display in full swing as everyone dressed up in their respective house colours to cheer on those competing. Throughout the day, students competed in a series of races and relays which gained them points for their houses. Later on, everyone had a bit of fun, with “biggest splash” competitions and teacher relays, where staff got involved and went head to head with students to conclude the day with some friendly competitive spirit. Paeroa College student TALLIS AUSTEN captured the fun.

Best dressed males pose for a photo.
Hayley Harris and Bronte Holden dress in green for Maru house.
Keegan Bradey voted best dressed year nine boy.
Jo Tuivavalagi launches into his lap of breaststroke.
Cooper Robinson finishes his race in the lead.
Teachers time the swimmers.