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Donna Hone will hold her exhibition at Paeroa Society of Arts until February 28. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Macrame, pottery on show

Donna Hone hopes visitors to her Paeroa Society of Arts exhibition will appreciate the time and skill that goes into her pottery, knitting, crochet and macrame.
The former Seddon resident, who moved to Paeroa in 2018 to escape her earthquake nerves after the 7.8 magnitude Kaikōura jolt in 2016, told The Profile her exhibition was open until February 28.
Donna said people who had viewed her exhibition so far had been “very encouraging”.
“I’ve sold quite a lot of stuff and got some really good feedback from people who have come in, and I hope more people get to enjoy what I’ve done.
“It’s about getting people to appreciate the time and skill that it takes to make something from scratch.”

Donna said her passion for art stemmed from her Bay of Islands childhood.
“I did art in school in Northland, [I did] pottery, photography, I did School C art. If I needed something, I had to make it myself and I played around with batique and all sorts of things,” she said.
Donna said she joined the Normanby Rd art gallery to learn new skills and engage with the community.
“I have always wanted to learn and teach crafts that are not well known anymore, I used to do a bit of tuition with knitting, crochet and sewing because I feel like I’ve been born outside of my generation,” she said.
“Because there’s not a lot of people my age who do those kinds of things, so I’ve been like a sponge, if anyone’s trying something new I have a go at it.
“I have done market stalls at Paeroa Community Car Boot Markets, Paeroa Twilight Market and Waihī Underground Market, down in the South Island I did lots of markets and I recently went to the Tauranga Plant Fest.”