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The rowing club senior boys quad team in action. Photo: CONRAD BLIND

Strokes of support for rowing club

Rowers and coaches within the Hauraki Plains College and Districts Rowing Club have benefitted from “high-level” training after receiving a $5000 grant.
President Cory Simpson told The Profile the club was “thrilled” and “very thankful” for the New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT) grant, which allowed the club to invest in a “high-level” qualified coach named Franklin Hamilton to support more than 30 rowers and four coaches.
“Franklin’s in his fourth season with the club and we use him in two ways – both to pass on his knowledge to athletes but also to help develop our own local coaches for a long term legacy,” he said.
“He helps [the coaches] improve their technical knowledge and he also oversees the [coaching] programme which they then implement with the crews [singles, doubles, quads and octuples].
“We’ve got 30 plus rowers training full time… it’s a mixture of on-water training on the Piako River and fitness and strength and conditioning, and our coaches lead those sessions.”

Cory said the outcomes for the rowers and coaches through the guidance of Franklin would enable the club to paddle towards its 2023 goals.
“The goal of the club is to create an environment where our athletes can be the best that they can be and thrive and improve,” he said.
“For some that may be winning medals, for others it would be improving their ability in the sport, getting stronger and fitter.
“We’re halfway through [the rowing season], so far we’ve had the club rowing season and the big school regattas are starting now in February and March.”
Cory said the rowing club, which is based on Kaihere Rd, said it was also “very thankful” for the $2200 donation from the funds raised at the Ngātea Customs and Classics and Van Revival in December.
“It was great to see the community supporting the club,” he said.
“That $2200 is going towards buying new equipment because boats don’t last forever, and we want to put some money aside to buy a couple of new boats.”