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A rāhui has been lifted at Ōpoutere Beach. Photo: GOOGLE MAPS

Rāhui lifted at Ōpoutere Beach

A rāhui has now been lifted, the Department of Conservation said.

The rāhui was in place at Ōpoutere Beach, the Wharekawa Harbour, and Wharekawa River following a drowning incident in January. 

Appropriate tikanga to lift the rāhui was undertaken by kaumatua at Ōpoutere Beach on February 6. 

A rāhui (physical and spiritual protection mechanism) sets a temporary prohibition around the rāhui area and limits access or activities for that period to acknowledge the death and express sympathy to the whānau of the deceased.

It provides time for tapu (sacredness) to dissipate following the fatalities, allowing time for healing and recovery of the natural elements at place as well as the people – in particular, the grieving whānau.

Members of the public are now free to resume recreational activities, fishing, and shellfish collection at these locations.