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In Thornton Bay, aslip threatened one house and caused the evacuation of several others. Photo: Mitchell Redman/Newshub

Slip threatens Thornton Bay houses

In Thornton Bay on the Thames Coast, a slip on the hillside threatened one home, causing its 95 year old resident to be evacuated along with the occupants of several other houses. 

A bystander told The Profile the mud had begun making its way into the house below the slip as residents gathered on the street, however the Thames Coast Rd remained open. 

Thames Coromandel District Council said road workers were on the scene in case the slip moved onto the highway. 

Over 1.5 metres of rain has fallen in the Coromandel so far this year, the Council said, almost half a year’s worth of rain. 

Slips are expected to continue for some weeks as the rain has left the land unstable. 

“We have a long way to go this summer with even more ex-tropical storms possible before calmer weather returns,” said Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler.

“It is unknown territory for all of us, so expect the unexpected, stay vigilant and be proactive if you notice anything.”

The hillside above Thornton Bay began to give way, forcing the evacuation of three houses along Thames Coast Rd and Adams Rd. Photo: Thames Coromandel District Council.

Further up the coast, SH25 was closed for a time at Manaia due to surface flooding. 

SH2 was closed at Karangahake Gorge for a time on Tuesday night after a slip brought down several trees, narrowly missing a truck which was forced to swerve onto the wrong side of the road to avoid being swept into the river. One lane was reopened an hour after the incident, and despite further slips overnight traffic was still able to get through. 

In Paeroa the Waihou river stretched from stopbank to stopbank, spilling into nearby fields and flooding the Maritime Museum. Nearby SH26 was closed from Paeroa to Te Aroha as low-lying parts of the road also became flooded. 

On State Highway 2, a slip narrowly avoided knocking a truck into the river. The gorge was closed for an hour and is now operating under stop-go traffic management. Photo: Anita Saunders


State highways

SH25A Kōpu-Hikuai is closed until further notice due to an extensive drop out

SH25 Hikuai to Tairua is closed due to flooding.

Local roads

Hikuai Settlement Rd to Pāuanui is closed due to flooding.

Te Kouma Road – closed due to two fallen trees and four slips

Colville Road – closed due to a slip between Oamaru and Amodeo bay

Neavesville Road – closed (road is Impassable at the 4km mark). It will remain closed for the foreseeable future

Port Jackson Rd – closed

Tapu Coroglen is closed and impassable for the foreseeable future. Location is 10km from Tapu.

The 309 Road – closed (open to one lane but only for residents and emergency services)


Kennedy Bay Road

Tuateawa Road

Port Charles Road

Black Jack Road

Waiomu Valley Road – Flooding at the ford

Victoria Street, Tararu


These have been cancelled today (February 1) for the third day in a row due to further rain overnight and hazardous road conditions. This affects Whangamatā, Pāuanui, Onemana and Ōpoutere, Coromandel Town and Te Kouma.

At this stage, the collection for Thames and surrounds will continue as planned, but this is still dependent on weather conditions.

There will not be any catchup services for any materials not collected today.


By ALICE PARMINTER, Public Journalism funded by NZ on Air

The Tapu-Coroglen Rd was damaged in the recent weather events. Photo: Waka Kotahi NZTA