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“I think based on how the weather has been I think it’s probably a good idea to shift it,” says Danny Thompson. Photos: GORDON PREECE

Public back a school holiday change

A majority of residents asked by The Profile whether school holiday dates should be changed supported the idea, following what has been a summer of “atrocious” weather events. GORDON PREECE reports.

A proposal put forward to people walking the streets of Thames Valley that pitched school students getting a two-week holiday over Christmas and New Years, and then the month of February off, was met with approval.
The question came after the Hauraki and Thames-Coromandel districts were lashed in January with “atrocious” weather unbefitting of summer school holiday fun.
Paeroa resident Danny Thompson thought changing the dates was a good idea.
“I think based on how the weather has been I think it’s probably a good idea to shift it,” he said.
“I have grandchildren on their school holidays at the moment, they could have enjoyed it a lot more but the weather put a damper on things.”

Coromandel Town resident Sue Rockliffe also supported the idea.
“Our weather system has changed dramatically now and everything needs to be changed and moved a bit further,” she said. “We’re from Coromandel and we’ve got people that have booked baches and haven’t been able to go down to the beach with their kids so that’s pretty sad for them.”

Sue Rockliffe

Thames residents Jan and Steve Granich said they had believed for more than 40 years school holidays should be shifted.
“Yes, definitely, it should’ve been done years ago,” Steve said.
“I just think it’s too hot for little children, I’ve always thought that, I think it would be better to have it later, perhaps in late February,” Jan said.

Jan and Steve Granich.

Thames resident Jenny Galloway and Paeroa resident Kim Davis also supported the idea.
“Yes, I think that’s a very good idea, the seasons have changed, they’re coming earlier or later,” Jenny said.
“Yes I think it should, whatever suits the children or the parents, just whatever makes everyone happy,” Kim said.

Jenny Galloway.
Kim Davis.

Preston Moorcroft who was visiting the Thames Coast from Rotorua believed school holidays shouldn’t be shifted to February because it would impact on retirees who wanted to spend summer time without many holidaymakers.
“It will really upset the school year with a lot more holiday involvement with the kids,” he said.
“The New Year would be turned upside down with holidays in February so I don’t think it should be changed.”

Preston Moorcroft.