You are currently viewing Kopu-Hikuai road closures to continue over long weekends
Large cracks have appeared on State Highway 25A, forcing ongoing road closures at night. Photo: SUPPLIED/NZTA

Kopu-Hikuai road closures to continue over long weekends

State Highway 25A is facing ongoing road closures for the foreseeable future as Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Authority continues their investigation into newly-appeared cracks in the road’s surface. 

The road has been closed between 7pm and 7am each night for the past week, and this is set to continue even as two back-to-back long weekends approach. 

Waka Kotahi Waikato system manager Cara Lauder says the move is necessary to ensure the safety of road users, as well as those working to assess and repair the damage. 

“This will mean that travellers heading for the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula, especially those leaving larger cities such as Auckland and Hamilton, will need to carefully plan their leaving time. There may be factors outside our control, such as incidents on other parts of the state highway network, that affect predicted journey times.” 

Lauder says motorists should plan ahead and allow for delays. 

The damage is being monitored daily as geotechnical teams continue investigations into the problem and how best to repair it. 

New cracks are still appearing, including on the eastbound lane currently used for traffic during the day. 

“We have seen the road deform over the past week as the site continues to move,” says Ms Lauder. “This is being managed by our contractor on site, however with rain predicted over the weekend and into next week we could see this reach a point where the road needs to be closed. This would be the last resort, however the need to keep everyone safe will drive our decision-making.”

Lauder is asking the public to remain courteous towards road workers at the closure points. 

“We have had reports that crews at the closure points have been subjected to abuse and threatening behaviour over the past week. This is unacceptable; the closure is not of their making, and they’re working hard to keep everyone moving while experts determine the best repair methodology long term.”