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Damage to Black Jack Road, Kūaotunu. Photo: SUPPLIED/TCDC

Concerns over damage to Black Jack Road

Damage to Black Jack Rd in Kūaotunu has raised concerns about another potential slip after Cyclone Hale lashed the Coromandel Peninsula this week.

However, Thames-Coromandel District Council says it has inspected the damage and given it the all-clear.

“It appears that overland flows from the hillside above the road have lifted the chip seal from the granular pavement beneath,” council said.

“While this looks like a potential under slip forming, the area has been inspected by our Council’s geotechnical engineer and at present there does not seem to be any significant issues.”

The uneven surface will be marked with a sign and repair works will take place as soon as possible. Council will continue to monitor the site and carry out further investigation.

“While our Council’s roading teams are still pushing to clear the remaining slips caused by the storm and open roads, inspections are now being carried out across the district to identify other damage. 

“Given the scale of the damage already identified, work will be prioritised according to the sites worst affected.”

If there are sections of roads that you are concerned about, contact council’s 24-hour service line on 07 868 0200 or log a request service or email