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Patrick Gillbanks, left, André Gillbanks, Celia Gillbanks and Sam Venables. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Chipper windscreen service


Secure Glass has become the windscreen and chip repair shop for Paeroa locals since opening a permanent space in May, 2022.

André and Celia Gillbanks have operated the business for around 25 years, and offer a mobile windscreen and chip repair service in Paeroa, Thames, Ngātea, Waihī, and other Waikato towns.

They established a permanent base on Puke Rd post-Covid to make operations easier. 

“We offer a chip repair service where people don’t have to book it. Generally, they can just call in and do it on the day so no appointments are required,” André said.

“The [windscreen] replacement side of it is normally booked in on an appointments basis and normally it’s done within a two hour period, depending on whether or not a recalibration is necessary, then it may take an extra hour.

“We’re also able to arrange all the claims and we work with all the insurance companies and brokers, so we get everything organised prior to the job.

“We figure business is about three things: friendly and convenient service, and happy customers.”

André said the customers from Paeroa and nearby towns had been very happy that a permanent shop had opened in their area. 

“We’ve become the local windscreen shop to provide service where there would otherwise be none,” he said.

“Their alternatives are to go elsewhere and generally a whole day is required and that’s not convenient for a lot of people’s busy lives.”

André said the shop closes on December 22 and the team looked forward to welcoming customers when it reopens on January 16.

“If people are requiring service, I’m prepared to answer my phone where I can,” he said. 

“Because I know people get chips et cetera on their screens, holidays or not, so if people ring me or text me their details over the Christmas period I will endeavour to get back to them as soon as I can.”

DETAILS: Contact Secure Glass by phoning: 021 617 664, or visit