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Visitors admire artworks by Pete Sephton at his Colville Rd studio. Photo: SUPPLIED

Artwork tour draws in visitors

More than 500 people have flocked to Coromandel Town and nearby areas for this year’s Coromandel Open Studios Arts Tour after a one-year hiatus due to Covid-19.

The tour boasted 37 individual and group artists opening their Coromandel Town, Colville, Papa Aroha and Driving Creek Railway studios for public viewing on the first two weekends in October. 

The artworks ranged from paintings, sculptures, glasswork, woodwork, screen print and fabric artworks. 

Coromandel Town screen printer Pete Sephton, who is one of the event organisers, told The Profile people have “really loved” this year’s tour.

“We’ve had lots of comments on Facebook and people who have come into my studio have said they’ve really enjoyed the artwork that they’ve seen at the other studios as well,” he said. 

“So it’s been good and all the artwork is for sale as well so it’s a good opportunity for artists to make a bit of money to pay for their equipment.

“Some of the studios are also just open these two weekends… so this is the time for artists to get some payback for all the hard work they’ve put in.”

Pete said the main attractions of the tour, which was funded by Creative Communities NZ, included the Arts Tour Exhibition at Hauraki House Gallery in the centre of Coromandel Town which was on during the first two weeks in October. 

The second attraction was The Hub at the Old Coromandel Hospital on Rings Rd where four artists had established their studios for the tour.

“There’s one particular piece in there by Rebekah Pearson, she’s a young artist from Tuateawa, and her piece is five diving gannets hung from the ceiling, it’s absolutely brilliant,” Pete said.

The final two days of the tour will be October 8 and 9 from 10am to 4pm.

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