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Lena Rumble, left, Dylan Wade Lajunen, Kiva Clearwater and Malachi Te Kahurangi at The Backroom. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Thames performance club tuned to open

Local entertainers of any age have been encouraged to head along to a newly formed club to finely tune their performance skills.
The Far Out Folk Club is scheduled to hold its first session at The Backroom behind Lotus Realm in Thames on October 7 and musicians, dancers, comedians, poets, magicians, storytellers and other entertainers are invited to perform.
The public can also join the club if they wish to be a member of the audience.
Waiomu-based musician and club founder Dylan Wade told The Profile he came up with the initiative after discussing the idea with Lotus Realm manager Satyananda Cooney.
“Many years ago I started the Whitianga Music Club when I lived over there and I have great memories of our band and other local artists having a platform where we could play each month and as a result the music scene flourished over the years,” he said.
“I thought it would be good to have something that regularly happens [at The Backroom] because it’s a great intimate venue and there have been some really nice shows from a wide range of artists and groups since it opened.”
“Lotus Realm is a great community space and the staff who work there are open to creative minded people who may have ideas to progress their careers and dreams.”
Dylan said the title of the club refers to the term ‘’far out’’ which was a popular expression made by hipsters in the 60s and 70s when peace, love, flower power and equal rights were introduced to mainstream culture.
“The club is all about this… it’s a community event that’s supportive of different artists,” he said.
“I know we have a musicians club and also there’s an acoustic musicians club as well which does happen at the Backroom.
“But [Far Out Folk Club] gives people the experience of trying out their new material and maybe getting up for the first time on stage in front of a supportive audience in a venue that is specifically designed for concerts.”
Dylan said the club would host an open stage session on the first Friday of each month from 7pm and it would run for at least two hours.
“We are running with the $5 Friday theme, $5 entry and also $5 for alcohol-free drinks and $5 tasty nibbles.”