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Warming weather brings an abundance of options

October is an exciting time in the vegetable garden.
The middle of the month is the ideal time for planting tomatoes, beans, capsicum, salad greens and herbs.
Wait until Labour Weekend for planting cucumber, pumpkin, sweet corn and basil, as they perform better with more consistent warmth.
To encourage more fruit from stawberries, remove any ‘runners’ and mulch well with strawberry straw.
Feed your vegetables regularly, Ican Organic Vegetable Food is our choice to ensure a bumper crop.
Ensure your vegetables are protected from slug and snail pests using either Baysol or Quash.
Warming weather brings an abundance of flower plant options for the garden, pots and hanging baskets.
Calibrachoas are an excellent choice for hanging baskets and come in an array of stunning colours, with both single and double flowers to choose from.
Old fashioned perennials are available in store, they provide good depth to the garden with beautiful displays for many seasons.
For more drought tolerant flowering displays, Gazania, Arctosis and Osteospermum are super hardy and flower most of the year. Roses are now beginning to form buds. Protect them from aphids using Eco Neem.
Remove any dead wood and black spot leaves. Do not add diseased leaves to your compost heap.
Enjoy picking blooms and taking your garden into your home.
It is still a good time to plant trees for summer shade. Whether you have a small space or large area, there is an ideal shade tree available.
Cercis Forest Pansy is a colourful option, with burgundy, heart-shaped leaves and pretty flowers in spring.
Maples are another good choice, with dwarf varieties available too.
Fruit trees make excellent shade trees and also provide food.
Nectarine “Mabel” is a late-ripening nectarine with dark red fruit, white flesh and a totally delicious flavour.
Keep your lawn lush and weed-free with Weed and Feed. Use a quality grass seed for any bare patches – Tui Lawn Force grass seed is quick to establish and will keep your lawn looking great.
Enjoy your garden.
– Supplied by the team and Country Dog Garden Centre, Paeroa.