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Jenni Baines hopes her exhibition will inspire others. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Paeroa exhibition open

Copper foil, macramé, pottery and stained and fused glass works of art will adorn Paeroa Society of Arts for the month of September.
The artworks are part of the first solo exhibition for Jenni Baines since she joined the Normanby Rd gallery three years ago after moving to Mackaytown in the Karangahake Gorge from Hamilton.
Jenni, who is also the pottery convenor and the newly elected president of the society, told The Profile she hoped her exhibition would inspire the public to connect with the art society.
“I’ve got so many different forms of mediums out there, I like to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that and see who comes along for the ride,” she said.
“I want to draw people in, enthuse people, get them talking, get them thinking about becoming involved in the society in whatever creative way they want to do it.
“We value [the community] support both in coming to see the exhibitions and we value their input, that is vital for this society to continue with the exhibitions.”
Jenni said she began creating art in the early 2000s.
“I started it at a night course learning stained glass and copper foil work and then I was lucky enough to become a tutor there. I’ve always had the ability to live the dream of what I love to do,” she said.
“I have at home two glass kilns and one pottery kiln and a big studio, which used to be an indoor diving pool up in Mackaytown.
“I’ve also done courses with some members here doing stained glass wind chimes and little bits and pieces.”
Jenni’s exhibition will be open until October 2.