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Thames Jewellers was ram raided in 2022. File photo: GORDON PREECE

Patrolling officers witness ram-raid

Patrolling police officers saw a potentially-stolen car drive into a Thames store, reverse, and drive into another store in an alleged ram-raid attempt last week.
A 20-year-old driver was quickly apprehended and Waikato East Area Commander Inspector Dean Anderson said he was pleased with the result.
“Our staff work hard to hold those who participate in unlawful behaviour to account. We acknowledge the concern and harm this type of offending causes in our community and it will not be tolerated,” he told The Profile.
“Staff have focused hard on preventative patrols within commercial premises in our towns, given the frequency of recent ram raid type offences across the country and the impact this has on business owners and the community.”
The incident occurred around 2.20am on August 10. The offender allegedly targeted Thames Jewellers and the neighbouring Sunburst Coffee Lounge, on Pollen St.
He will appear in Thames District Court on burglary related charges later this month.
It was earlier reported that the man was from the Auckland area, and it was Paeroa police who apprehended him.
Inspector Anderson said patrols were just one of many responsibilities that fell within an officer’s daily duties, with officers deployed from around the district according to demand.
“Patrols provide reassurance to our communities and help to keep our people safe. Calls for service are responded to according to priority and availability of units at the time. This includes deploying staff from other areas to assist where needed,” he said.
“I acknowledge we cannot be everywhere at once, and we need local communities to help us address unlawful behaviour in our region.”
DETAILS: Police encourage people to report any suspicious behaviour. If you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to call Police on 111 if the incident is happening now, or 105 after the fact, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously, Ph 0800 555 111 or