You are currently viewing Beach and liquid artworks for August exhibition
Angela Brutnall’s exhibition will include these liquid and beach artworks. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Beach and liquid artworks for August exhibition

Liquid paintings and beach artworks, including one of North Otago’s Moeraki Boulders, will embellish the walls of the Paeroa Society of Arts during August.
Angela told The Profile that while she had been a member of the Normanby Rd gallery since 2008, she only started creating art during christmas, 2019.
“My philosophy to life is never stop learning and I felt like I wanted something to occupy myself apart from my garden and family,” she said.
“So I went online and saw liquid art on there, which I thought was rather exciting.
“After many disasters, because they turn out terrible sometimes, I started to become happy with my results, and after showing a few people I was invited to the Cambridge Arts Festival in March, 2020.”
Angela said after Covid-19 cancelled the festival, she continued to experiment with her liquid artworks using other types of paint.
“I found it quite exciting because you never knew what you’re going to get in the end – as the paint dries it moves and it depends on which colours mix together,” she said.
“You can pour it in rings, different colours one on top of the other and then let it spread and manipulate your board or you can have it in a cup, put it on your canvas and drag it down over wet paint.
“It’s very therapeutic and very contagious once you start and you want to keep going.”
Angela said after she’d displayed her liquid art at Paeroa Society of Arts, she drifted to beach artworks last year when she wanted to display something different at one of the gallery’s exhibitions.
“I love the clouds, I love the sea and I like rocks and my first ever painting that I had done of a beach was the one I put into the exhibition and it got a commended certificate.”
“I was very delighted and when the exhibition opened in the first week my piece of art had sold.”
Anglea hoped her exhibition would encourage others to try art and attract new members.
“I’m very excited to be a member of Paeroa Society of Arts,” she said.
“I just enjoy people’s comments and when someone can tell you they really love that one it makes you feel good because it’s something that you’ve done.”