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Life Stylers put a shine on Pollen St

The windows of Thames’ main street look a lot cleaner thanks to a team of Life Stylers from The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust.
On February 4, Gary Calder, Mario Ross, Bruce McGregor, and Elliot Grant were part of a group committed to cleaning the windows of businesses along Pollen St. The initiative was part of Thames Business Association’s ‘Small Steps, Big Outcomes Project’.
Trust outcomes leader Davina Peke said the Life Stylers enjoyed the experience.
“The initiative wasn’t hard to sell. For them, it was about doing something to give back to their community,” she said.
“There were no whistle bells offered but merely the Life Stylers just doing what they are great at doing – bringing light to their community and having a contribution.”
She said along the length of Pollen St, shop owners had shown support, with some giving gifts to the Life Stylers “for their mahi”.
One of those businesses was Bin Inn, where manager Geet Chauhan and store assistant Ashleigh Wilson handed out thank you presents once the Life Stylers had finished a job well done.
“It was just something to show our appreciation – a lolly bag, some drinks and snacks – because this is something new for them, and we’re always wanting to support them,” Geet said.


PHOTO: Elliot Grant had been hard at work for two days along Pollen St.